What is Digital Marketing?

    What is Digital Marketing? A common question and the peoples are still searching the best possible answer for this question. Before explaining this let’s explore the definition of Marketing.

    What is Marketing?

    As we all know, Mark in the Market is known as Marketing, for better understanding:

    Marketing is a form of Management Tool consists of Research & Strategic Planning that helps in implementation of a solution for your Targeted Audience resulting in outreach of the demand for your
    product or services.

    What is Digital Marketing?

    Now as the word itself defines it is the marketing through digital media. With more elaboration, the best definitions to define the term Digital Marketing is:

    The Digital Marketing is an advance marketing tool that can help in the Global Promotion of Products or Services through digital media to analyze the good & the bad data in real time for effective reporting leading to an intelligent action plan resulting in better ROI.

    Just like the traditional marketing Digital Marketing do follows the “Five P Principle”, most commonly know as the pillars of Marketing which are:

    • Product
    • Price
    • Person
    • Place
    • Promotion

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